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Born in 1984, Leigh Snyder aka LDontheCut is a Southern California based DJ / Producer / Engineer who's interest in music started at an early age. In 1996, LD along with his brother and a few friends from elementary school formed a cover band that would play at school events and house parties. This sparked LD's passion for the creation and performance of music.

LD was influenced by a wide variety of genres spanning from hip-hop, punk rock & reggae music. In 2002, he started DJing and making beats with his friends and later went on to found a record label called, "Technicali Sound." From 2004 - 2011, LD toured the U.S. and Europe DJing for hip-hop artists in the underground circuit. During this time he was also in the studio producing, recording & scratching for some of hip hop's greatest names.

From 2012 - present day, LD has been the touring Dj for Sublime With Rome performing in countless concerts across the globe. He co-produced two songs and compiled all of the scratches on Sublime with Rome's last album entitled, "Sirens," released in 2015. Not only has he co-produced for Sublime With Rome, but he also co-produced, "Franco Eyed," off of the highly acclaimed Dirty Heads album, "Sound of Change."

LD produced the song "Feeling Good" for the Dirty Head's widely anticipated self-titled album due to be released in July 2016. In October 2017, LD produced the song "West Coast" on Dirty Heads sixth studio album, Swim Team.

Since then, he's relocated from his hometown of Huntington Beach to the Fresh Goods Music Compound in the beautiful Hollywood Hills, California where he currently has a studio, continually producing/writing new hit tracks.